Anne Cecil

Anne Cecil

Anne Cecil is a maker, seller, educator, consultant, champion of the Artisan community and DIY movement and the founder and visionary behind Roxannelava.

In 1970, Anne first fell in love with shoes. She’s been an avid admirer and collector for many years. Anne enrolled in a shoe-making workshop in 2014 whilst in London. There she learned how to make sandals from component parts using the cement construction method. This class was the first step on her journey to launch her own brand of  handmade, sustainable shoes – RoxanneLava.

In addition to launching her shoe start-up, Anne also consults with independent makers, small batch manufacturers and retailers through her consultancy, ONO made in the 191. Her 32-year professional career in Merchandising included positions as professor and program director of Design & Merchandising at the Westphal College of Art & Design at Drexel University. Because she loves to learn, she continues to teach as an adjunct instructor in the Retail & Merchandising Graduate Program online at Drexel University and in the Fashion Merchandising & Marketing program at Community College of Philadelphia.

Anne grew up in Lower Merion, Pennsylvania, and went to college at Drexel University where she studied Design & Merchandising. She has been a maker/seller for over 40 years exploring Knitwear, papermaking, millinery, web design/development/training and shoe making disciplines

To learn more about Anne and to view her work, visit and follow her at

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