Ellen Rubin

Ellen Rubin

Ellen Rubin is the owner of Jenkintown’s Luv2Knit & More. In addition to selling knit and crochet materials, Luv2Knit & More specializes in the therapeutic and community-building benefits of the fiber arts. Ellen learned to knit as an adult almost 20 years ago, and has taught knitting and other fiber arts to hundreds of children and adults.

In addition to being a maker and an artist, Ellen is also a trained scientist – she graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Biology. She credits her scientific mindset with the ease with which she learned to knit and in her ability to break down the process of knitting and crocheting to make learning easier for others.

As a true “social entrepreneur”, Ellen envisions knitting and crocheting as part of the solution to mainstream patient-care and as an integral part of a patient’s treatment plan, particularly in the field of cancer treatment. Her vision is to create more and more therapeutic partnerships between Luv2Knit and area hospitals, domestic abuse homes, treatments centers, and nursing homes and to build dedicated “Makers Spaces”.

To learn more about Ellen, visit Luv2knit&More or follow her at https://www.instagram.com/luv2knitandmore/.

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I am an artist, writer and a Program Manager at Drexel University's Close School of Entrepreneurship. I am excited to share the inspiring stories of the female entrepreneurs that I have met (and continue to meet) on my journey through life. I am also a fine artist. Check out my work at melissaborkotevere.com

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