Robyn MacPherson Smart

Robyn MacPherson Smart

Robyn Smart was born in Australia but spent her formative years in Pennsylvania and the UK. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Utilizing her degree in  illustration, she worked in various positions from illustrator to graphic designer in marketing and communications. She has worked and lived in California, Washington, UK, and Florida.

Robyn stayed home after her two boys were born. She went back to school and earned her teaching license for K-12 art and has taught art for the past 10 years in Florida and North Carolina.

Robyn is an exhibiting and professional artist who enjoys all media of art making from painting, ceramics, printmaking,  and creating murals.  Her inspirations for her work come from her love of nature and travel. She is constantly exploring new mediums and and getting excited about learning new techniques to create her visions.

To view more of Robyn’s work, follower her at

“A work of art which did not begin in Emotion is not art”. – Paul Cezanne

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